ANTI RAGGING COMMITTEE (w.e f 01/08/2017)
1 DR.Ashok Kumar Malpani: Chairman


2 Prof.Siddanna Durga : Member


3 Prof.Basawaraj Patil : Member


4 Miss. Sarah priya Member


5 Miss Suvernas Bhalke : Member


6 Mr.Sunil : B-Pharm IV year


7 Miss Jyothi : B-Pharm IV Year


8 Mr.Lakshman : PharmD IV year


9 Miss Devika : PharmD IV year


Powers & functions :

1. To uphold and comply with the direction of the Hon’ble supreme court and be vigilant on any acts amounting to ragging.

2. To inform all students and prevalent directives of action that can be taken against those indulging in ragging.

3. To consider complaints received from the students and conduct enquiry and submit report to the principal along with the punishment recommend for the offenders.

4. Form Anti ragging squad to make surprise visits and take effective steps to prevent ragging.

5. Oversee the procedure of obtaining undertaking from the students in accordance with the provision.

6. Conduct workshop against the ragging menace and orient the students.

7. To provide students the information pertaining to contact address and telephone no of the person identified to receive complaints/ distress call.

8. To offer service of counseling and create awareness of ragging inside the campus/ Hostel.

9. To take all necessary measures for preventing of ragging inside the campus/hostel.

10. The committee shall monitor the functioning of anti- ragging squad.

ANTI RAGGING SQUAD (w.e.f 01/08/2017 )
1 . Mr. Prashant Borgaonkar: Chairman


2 Mr.Mohan V.K : Member


3 Mr.Upendra Kulkarni : Member


4 Mr. Miss Sarah priya Member


Powers & functions :

1) To conduct anonymous random surveys/ raids and ensure that students do not indulge in the act of ragging in the campus/ hostel and take adequate measures to prevent it.

2) The squad shall report to the Anti-Ragging committee any incidents of ragging which come to their notice.

3) The chairman shall report to the Anti ragging committee the details pertaining to the visit.

4) The squad shall work in the overall guidance of Anti-Ragging committee.